Best YouTube channels for learning Mexican Spanish

YouTube is an amazing source of content for learners of Mexican Spanish. That’s because you are watching the same media that native speakers enjoy.

YouTube is popular in Mexico, as it is in most other countries, and Mexican YouTubers have access to a huge potential audience, not just in their own country but across the Spanish-speaking world.

Here are some of our favourite Mexican YouTubers today.

Adrián Marcelo

Adrián Marcelo is a former TV show host from Monterrey, Mexico. For many years, he fronted Adrián Marcelo Presenta on Multimedios Televisión. He now runs a show called Radar on his YouTube channel in which he travels around various parts of Mexico, interviewing locals and giving his audience a flavour of everyday life in the country, often delivered with a distinctly Mexican sense of humour and a cheeky smile. Marcelo’s shows are typically incident-packed: last year, he was infamously slapped in the face in front of his own cameras by Mexican Lucha Libre star Chessman.

Luisito Communica

Luis Arturo Villar Sudek – more commonly known as Luisito – is among the most popular YouTubers in Mexico, with over 40 million subscribers to his channel, Luisito Communica. Luisito originally started out making piano tutorials for YouTube, before graduating to making travel diaries. He has since documented his journeys to more than 60 countries across the globe. Some of his more popular vlogs include trips to China, India, Japan, and Argentina, as well as to various parts of Mexico.

Luisito (right) with other Mexican influencers at the Spotify Awards 2020. Kenia Os, via Wikimedia Commons.


Vagaboom consists of husband and wife Nancy and Demis. Nancy is a psychologist by training and a painter by trade; Demis is a filmmaker who was born in Switzerland to an Italian mother and a Spanish father. The pair met in Mexico and set up their channel to document their travels together around the country and abroad. The best thing about their channel is that it frequently features some of the lesser-known parts of Mexico and gives insight into some fascinating aspects of Mexican culture. Oh, and how could we forget Demis’ father?

Roberto Martinez

Roberto Martinez (stylized Roberto Mtz) hosts a podcast called Creativo which might be the closest thing to a Mexican version of The Joe Rogan Experience. As the name suggests, the podcast is centred on artistry and the creative process, but the conversation is typically wide-ranging and can span everything from politics to AI. Martinez generally does a good job of letting the discussion flow.

Coreano Vlogs

Cristian Kim, better known as Coreano Vlogs, started his channel back in 2015, stating modestly that he needed to practice his Spanish. His channel gradually grew in popularity due to his clear bond with Mexican people (in particular his sidekick Wicho), his love of Mexican culture and cuisine, and his ever-expanding Mexican vocabulary. He is best known for his food and restaurant reviews from all corners of Mexico.

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