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Best YouTube channels for learning Mexican Spanish

YouTube is an amazing source of content for learners of Mexican Spanish. That’s because you are watching the same media that native speakers enjoy. YouTube is popular in Mexico, as it is in most other countries, and Mexican YouTubers have access to a huge potential audience, not just in their own country but across the … Read more
Mexican slang

10 Mexican Spanish words and phrases you need to know

Traveling to Mexico can be an incredible experience – exploring the culture, cuisine, history, and everything this amazing country has to offer. But it’s even better if you can converse with the locals while you’re there. Learners of Spanish might be surprised by some of the uniquely Mexican turns of phrase you are likely to … Read more

The Art of the Mexican Albur

You might think you have mastered every nuance of Mexican Spanish until one day you find yourself the red-faced butt of a joke you didn’t understand. It’s okay – we’ve all been there! The razor-sharp Mexican wit finds no greater expression than in the albur (plural: albures), which is essentially a play-on-words or double entendre, … Read more
Tamales with Machas Fritas y Guacamole. Photo: Tavallai (Flickr).

Tamales: Unwrapping the Culinary Heritage of Mexico

The tamal (plural: tamales) might not be the best-known Mexican dish, but it is among the most unique and authenentic forms of Mexican cuisine. The word tamal itself traces its roots back to the Nahuatl language spoken by the Aztecs: it is derived from the word “tamalli,” which means “wrapped”. Indeed, the language surrounding tamales … Read more

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